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Quilla Xi Berry is a Certified Detoxification Specialist, course creator, author,  former power lifter (self proclaimed gym addict), as well as a Certified in the art of TRUE Naturopathy. Quilla studied under several master teachers to learn exactly what allows the body to regenerate- with food! 

After several health issues she personally experimented with the healing powers of a  natural lifestyle years ago. Once she was able to transform and regenerate her body Quilla wanted to share the truth of how powerful mother natures plant-based foods really are. 

She wrote the powerful guide  book Detox Your Life and in it she detailed how a detox should be approached and what the causes of the toxic build up are. Quilla is a leader in her field and a truth seeker. She is able to accurately incorporate the use of Natal Chart medical astrology to further assist clients with the worlds most powerful, informative and effective detoxification system ever created.

Quilla's approach is truly personalized so that each client has a protocol for them to achieve optimal results through natural healing. She program is available for the masses to learn, do, and then share as clients reverse their illness and journey into health, wealth, & life. 


with DYL Method

Rheumatoid Arthritis &
Hyperpigmentation Reversal



Doctors call the reversal of her blindness a miracle

"I was literally f***ing blind! I could not drive, could not walk alone, nor shower/bathe without help. I am so thankful that we are working together to rejuvenate my body!!! I am literally at my high school/college weight and looking younger too. So thankful for y'all."

Courtney A.

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November 1, 2020: 220 lbs

March 14, 2021: 188 lbs (plus so many inches gone) off all of my medications and no longer searching for otc meds to help with pain. Check out The DYL Method if you like.

Detox yourself on a cellular level, you won’t regret it.

Novia S.


holistic healing



Listen to others success about reversing their health for the better by following DYL Method!

"The DYL Method will take your understanding of your body's systems to a new level. This is very important to do at this day and time. We need to understand our bodies in order to maintain health and clarity of mind. What I like about this program is that it really will help you "Detox Your Life". 

Be patient with yourself and you will see amazing results. What I love is the support and the community ON TOP of the new foods I have discovered that I didn't even know I would enjoy. You will lose weight, gain more energy, clarity of mind, body awareness (meaning you will be more in tune with what your body needs)...I can't say enough things. Our bodies can heal and they want to. The DYL Method will open the door to that!  HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"

Christina S. - Owner and Founder of Be A Blessing Enterprises

This is by far the most effective detox program I have ever done! Results are experienced during the program and beyond, my palate and mindset was quickly transformed in a very positive way.  You are not alone, but guided by Quilla and Senna every step of the way! They are always accessible and so sincere about your progress! 

I thought that I was healthy as a vegan for 15 years but still suffered with things like PMS. Not only was I relieved of that problem, but I was also educated on the root causes of of my health challenges and how to alleviate them! I am so thankful for the education and wisdom provided to me by (DYL Method) that has taken me to another level in my health journey and my life!

Iris I.

I am so glad I was able to cross paths with DYL Method. With this program I was able to heal myself from taking twenty two pharmaceutical drugs. Being able to have the core aspect of my health issues addressed has been monumental in my progress. 

Having our accountability coaching calls as well as a whole community of support, everyone wins! Anyone looking to heal thy self, look no further this is the program for YOU!

Whitney P.

They have mastered the body with regards to health. The method that they use is completely innovative and most importantly effective.  Don’t sleep on your health get properly detoxed now!

Barrington C.

Carpal tunnel + Scoliosis + DYL Method = GONE

DYL Method client speaks about her once debilitating issues and what she experienced following the DYL Method to address Carpal Tunnel, Scoliosis, Worsening Vision, Allergies, Sinus Infection, Pre-Diabetes, Twisted Colon, Weight Loss, and Brain Fog.

Lorinda Linnen



Mother gives autism reversal progress testimonial

in her 3 year old!

regeneration made simple

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